2012-2013 Calendar



Bearden Public Schools




August 13-15 (Mon.-Wed.)

Staff Development (In-service) Mon.—Wed.

August 16 (Thursday)

Open House/Report to Public (6:00 p.m.)

August 20 (Monday)

First Day of School For Students

September 3 (Monday)

Labor Day (No School)

September 18 (Tuesday)

Parent/Teacher Conferences (3:30—7:30pm)

October 19 (Friday)

End of 1st quarter (44 days) *

November 19-23 (Mon..—Fri.)

Thanksgiving Holidays (No School)

December 20-21 (Thurs. & Fri)

Semester Tests

December 21 (Friday)

End of 2nd quarter (40 days) *

December 22 – January 6

Christmas Vacation


January 7 (Monday)

Classes Resume

January 21 (Monday)

Martin Luther King Day (No School)

February 7 (Thursday)

Parent Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30)

February 18 (Monday)

President’s Day (No School)

March 15  (Friday)

End of 3rd Quarter (48days)

March 18-22 (Mon.-Fri.)

Spring Break (No School)


May 17 (Friday)

High School Graduation (6:00 pm)

May 27 (Monday)

Memorial Day (No School)

May 28(Tuesday)

End of 4th Quarter (46days) Dismiss 3:00 pm *

May 29(Wednesday)

Staff Development (In-service Day)

Teacher Check-out


May 29-June 4

 Inclement Weather Staff Development (If required) *
June 5

 Inclement Weather Staff Development (If required) *




Total Days: 190 -- 178 Student Days

                             4 In-service Days, 2 Summer Pre-approved In-service Days

                             2 Common Core/Curriculum Align Days

                             2 PLCs (after-school / 2nd, 4th Wed. Total= 12hrs) Total: 10 Days of PD

                             2 Parent/Teacher Conferences

                             5 Inclement Weather Days (If-Required)





The superintendent shall present to the PPC a school calendar which the board has adopted as a proposal. The superintendent, in developing the calendar, shall accept and consider recommendations from any staff member or group wishing to make calendar proposals. The PPC shall have the time prescribed by law and/or policy in which to make any suggested changes before the board may vote to adopt the calendar.

The school calendar should be prepared by the May school board meeting each year.


The Bearden School District shall operate by the calendar above .



Note: Act 1120 of 2003 requires that personnel policies include the annual calendar, holidays and non-instructional days, and designation of workdays. While we feel that this phrasing is redundant, to be in compliance with the Act be sure that the calendar spells out which days are holidays, non-instructional days, and work days.





Legal Reference: A.C.A. § 6-17-201