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Welcome to the Bearden Public School Website

All Arkansas schools are closed until April 17. Enjoy your Spring Break, but be on the lockout for more directions from Bearden Schools on how we will proceed to serve our students.

We are working under the assumption that all school events and activities such as PROM are postponed at this moment. We will keep you updated through this page as more information becomes available.



Photo of Bear Mascot

Home of the Bears

Central Office Personnel:
Mr. Denny Rozenberg, District Superintendent
Mrs. Kaye Livingston, District Treasurer
Mrs. Keshia Humphries, District Secretary
Mrs. Morgan Word, District Receptionist
Please call toll-free 1-833-423-2733
Administration Fax # (870) 687-3683
Elementary School Fax # (870) 687-3794
High School Fax # (870) 687-2514
Special Education Office Fax # (870) 687-2299




It is our vision and mission that each student in the Bearden School District is encouraged, motivated, and prepared to achieve their current and future goals.


•All Children can learn and should be encouraged, motivated, and their achievements acknowledged.

•All students should be treated fairly.

•You should treat students how you want your own children to be treated.

•Teachers, staff, and students should show mutual respect.

•Our teachers should be prepared.

•You shouldn’t ask people to do what you’re not willing to do or have done.

•Character and work ethic are important in achieving your goals.

•A key part of a student’s education is citizenship skills.

•Students and staff need a safe environment in which to learn / teach.


  Adopted by Bearden School Board on 7 April 2016


Richard Lachowsky, Media Specialist
635 N. Plum St.
Bearden, AR  71720