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Policy Updates for the 2015-2016 School Year

The following sections of the Bearden School District Board Policy Book were updated/adopted for the 2015-2016 School Year, and are highlighted in blue to make the updates/adoptions easier to discern:

2015 Updates to the Bearden School Board Policy Book

Section 1 (Governance)

1.2       Board Organization and Vacancies
1.6       Board Member Voting
1.6.1    Attending Meetings Remotely
1.17      Nepotism
1.19      Board Member Length of Term and Holdovers

Section 3 (Personnel)

3.2       Licensed Personnel - Evaluations
3.6       Licensed Personnel Employee Training
3.8A     Licensed Personnel Sick Leave - Option A
3.8B     Licensed Personnel Sick Leave - Option B (Bearden Approved)
3.19B   Licensed Personnel Employment (3.19 ASBA)
3.31B   Drug Free Workplace - Licensed Personnel
3.48B   Licensed Personnel Weapons on Campus (3.92 District)
3.54B   Voluntary Teaching During Planning Period of More Than the Maximum Number of Students Per Day

Section 4 (Students)

4.5       School Choice
4.5F     School Choice Capacity Resolution
4.5F3   School Choice Acceptance Letter
4.12      Student Organiz
4.35      Student Medications
4.35F    Glucogen and/or Insulin Adminstration Consent Form

4.37      Emergency Drills
4.52      Students Who Are Foster Children 
4.55     Student Promotion and Retention

Section 6 School, Home, and Community Relations

6.4        Volunteers 

Section 7 (Business & Finance)

7.13B   Management and Disposal of District Property

Section 8 (Classified Personnel)

8.5       Classified Employees Sick Leave
8.5A     Classified Employees Sick Leave - Option A
8.5B     Classified Employees Sick Leave - Option B
8.11      Overtime, Comptime, and Complying With FLSA
8.13A   Classified Employment
8.25     Classified Personnel Cell Phone Use
8.29     Drug Free Workplace - Classified Personnel (ASBA 8.28)
8.40     Classified Personnel Weapons on Campus

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