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Student Services Plan

The Bearden School District Counseling Program strives to reflect and reinforce the mission and vision of the Bearden School District and will follow the principles set in the ASCA National Model and the Arkansas Model. Counselors use programs and services to ensure that all students can achieve school success in the domains of academic, career, and personal/social development. 


The mission of the counseling program is to encourage, motivate and prepare every student to achieve their personal and educational goals. Students are provided opportunities and support to gain an understanding of self and others, to participate in educational and occupational exploration, and to pursue career-planning opportunities in a safe, caring environment. The counselors will work as an integral part of the district educational program. Counselors will work with administrators, teachers, parents, staff and community members to help every student reach their highest potential academically and to become productive citizens.


The counseling program is driven by the following goals:


  • Developing personal, social,
  • educational, and career goals for every student.


  • Increasing effective problem solving skills by every student.


  • Promoting a positive learning environment so that every student can experience respect and pride in the learning process.


  • Supporting families in its efforts to understand the developmental growth of their students.