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Policy Updates for the 2019-2020 School Year

The following sections of the Bearden School District Board Policy Book were updated/adopted for the 2019-2020 School Year, and are highlighted in blue to make the updates/adoptions easier to discern:

2019 Updates to the Bearden School Board Policy Book

Adopted by the Bearden School District Board of Education

07/09/2019 & 8/08/2019


Section 1 - Board Governance and Operations  

1.9                                          Policy Formulation

1.11                                        Board Members Training

1.12                                        Committees

1.19                                        Board Member Length of Term and Holdovers

1.21                                        Date of Annual School Board Election

1.22                                        Recording of Meetings


Section 2 - Administration

2.1                                          Duties of the Superintendent

Section 3 – Personnel

3.1                                          Licensed Personnel Salary Schedule

3.2B                                       Administrator Evaluator Certification

3.2                                          License Personnel Evaluations

3.12                                        Licensed Personnel Responsibilities in Dealing with Sex Offenders on Campus

3.19B                                     Licensed Personnel Employment

3.25                                        Licensed Personnel Grievances

3.28F                                     Licensed Personnel Employee Internet Use Agreement

3.29                                        Licensed Personnel School Calendar

3.42B (ASBA 3.42)            Obtaining and Releasing Student’s Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Information

3.48B (3.48ASBA)             Licensed Personnel Weapons on Campus

3.49                                        Teachers’ Removal of Student From Classroom

3.51                                        School Bus Driver’s Use of Mobile Communication Devices

3.52C (ASBA 3.52)            Written Code of Conduct for Employees Involved in Procurement with Federal Funds

3.54B (ASBA 3.54)            Teaching During Planning Period and/or of More Than the Maximum Number of Students Per Day

3.54F                                     Teaching Instead of Preparatory Period and/or Extra Daily Students Contract Addendum

3.93B (ASBA 3.34)            Licensed Personnel Cell Phone Use

3.94 (ASBA 3.30)               Parent-Teacher Communication

3.97 (ASBA 3.38)               Licensed Personnel Responsibilities Governing Bullying

3.98 (ASBA 3.40)               Licensed Personnel Duties as Mandated Reporters

3.99 (ASBA 3.45)               Licensed Personnel Social Networking and Ethics

Section 4 – Students


4.1                                          Residence Requirements

4.2                                          Entrance Requirements

4.3                                          Compulsory Attendance Requirements

4.4                                          Student Transfers

4.5                                          School Choice

4.7                                          Absences

4.13                                        Privacy of Students’ Records/Directory Information

4.14                                        Student Media and the Distribution of Literature

4.15                                        Contact With Students While at School

4.18                                        Prohibited Conduct

4.19                                        Conduct to and from School and Transportation Eligibility

4.21                                        Student Assault and Battery

4.22                                        Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

4.24                                        Drugs and Alcohol

4.26                                        Gangs and Gang Activity

4.28                                        Laster pointers

4.29                                        Internet Safety and Electronic Device Use Policy

4.29F                                     Student Electronic Device and Internet Use Agreement

4.30                                        Suspension from School

4.31                                        Expulsion

4.35                                        Student Medications

4.35F                                     Medication Administration Consent Form

4.35F2                                   Medication Self-Administration Consent Form

4.35F4                                   Epinephrine Emergency Administration Consent Form

4.35F5                                   Albuterol Emergency Administration Consent Form

4.39                                        Corporal Punishment

4.41                                        Physical Examinations or Screenings

4.43                                        Bullying

4.45.1                                    Smart Core and Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2020 and Thereafter

4.47                                        Possession and Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

4.51                                        Food Service Prepayment

4.55                                        Student Promotion and Retention

4.56                                        Extracurricular Activities – Secondary Schools

4.56.1                                    Extracurricular Activities – Elementary

4.56.2                                    Extracurricular Activities Eligibility for Home School Students

4.576                                     Immunizations

4.59                                        Academic Course Attendance by Private School and Home Schooled Students

Section 5 – Curriculum and Instruction

5.2                                          Planning for Educational Improvement

5.3                                          Curriculum Development

5.4                                          School Improvement Teams

5.5                                          Selection/Inspection of Instructional Materials

5.11A (ASBA 5.11)            Digital Learning Courses

5.12                                        Computer Science Internships and Independent Studies

5.15                                        Grading

5.16                                        Computer Science Course Prerequisites and Progression

5.18                                        Health Services

5.20                                        District Website

5.21                                        Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Honors College

5.22                                        Concurrent Credit

5.26                                        Alternative Learning Environments

5.27                                        English Language Learners

5.28                                        Enhanced Student Achievement Funding Expenditures (Old NSLA Funds)

5.29                                        Wellness Policy

Section 8 – Classified Personnel

8.1                                          Classified Salary Schedule

8.8                                          Classified Personnel Responsibilities in Dealing With Sex Offenders on Campus

8.11 (ASBA 8.13                 Classified Personnel Employment

8.19                                        Classified Personnel Grievances

8.20F (ASBA 8.22F)          Classified Personnel Internet Use Agreement

8.24 (ASBA 8.24)               School Bus Drivers’ Use of Mobile Communication Devices

8.24                                        Retirement

8.25                                        Classified Personnel Cell Phone Use

8.26                                        Classified Personnel Responsibilities Governing Bullying

8.33                                        Classified Personnel School Calendar

8.34                                        Classified Personnel Who Are Mandated Reporters Duties to Report Suspected Child Abuse, or Maltreatment or Neglect

8.35                                        Obtaining and Releasing Students’ Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility Information

8.37                                        Classified Personnel Social Networking and Ethics

8.40                                        Classified Personnel Weapons on Campus

8.44                                        Classified Personnel Contract Return