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School Choice

Posted Date: 01/25/2023

School Choice

Bearden School District
School Choice

Announcement for the 2023-2024 Year

The Bearden School District participates in the Arkansas Public School Choice Act 560 of 2015. This
School Choice Act allows students, under certain conditions, to transfer to another school district other
than the district in which they live. The Bearden District is accepting applications from outside its
boundaries. Bearden Schools provide a quality education that helps prepare its students for future
employment, continuing education in the workforce, vocational, college, or military occupations. All
campuses provide attractive and clean facilities with qualified teachers. For a student to transfer to
Bearden School District from another district, parents must submit a School Choice Act of 2015 form by
May 1 st . For applications or further information, please call 833-423-2733 Ext. 5200 or come by the
central administration office at 100 Oak Avenue in Bearden.