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Mendy Kelly

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly’s Kindergarten Class Page!


Kindergarten Homework Policy

We will send home a list of skills for each nine weeks that your child needs to work on and practice. Anytime we see that they may need extra help in a certain area, we will send home a worksheet or workbook page.


1st 9 weeks Homework


  1. Practice writing your first and last name. Begin with a capital letter and follow with lowercase letters.
  2. Identify and name capital and lowercase letters. One idea is to make some flashcards using index cards. Parents write a letter on the card (capital on one side and lowercase on the other side). Show your child the letter and have him/her name the letter. You can show all capital and then all lowercase OR you can show capital and lowercase mixed together. Also practice reading The Alphabet Chart on the back of the communication folder.
  3. Identify opposites. Say a word and have your child tell you the opposite. Ex. In/out, go/stop, up/down, hot/cold, big/little, heavy/light, tall/short, soft/hard, etc.
  4. Practice counting 0-20 orally. Then practice counting forward beginning from any given number instead of having to begin at 1. For example begin at 6 and count up to 20.
  5. Identify and name numbers 0-10. A good idea is to make flashcards and mix them up.
  6. Write numbers 0-10 in the correct order.
  7. Practice counting objects by touching each object and saying one number for each object and then identify how many objects there are. Understand that the last number said tells the number of objects counted.
  8. Compare two written numbers and identify which is greater and which is less.


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