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Kelli Barner

Welcome to my online classroom.

These are the topics we will be covering the first nine weeks of class.

8th Grade American History

The Spirit of Independence: Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution

A More Perfect Union

The Constitution

The Federalist Era

During the Month of October we will be having a History Fair

7th Grade Science

Scientific Method

Engineering Design Process

Lab Safety

Metric System


8th Grade Math

Rational Numbers

Powers of Exponents

Multiple and Divide Monomials

Powers of Monomials

Negative Exponents

Scientific Notation


Compare Real Numbers

Solve Equations with Rational Coefficients

Solve Two-Step Equations

7th Grade English

Text Analysis:

Identify stages of plot; analyze plot development

Analyze how setting shapes plot

Identify conflict, flashback, and foreshadowing

Analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text, including chronological order

Analyze how elements of a story, interact, including plot, character, and setting

Analyze how authors develop point of view, including first person, limited third person, and omniscient


Use reading strategies, including connecting and predicting

Make inference, draw conclusions, and synthesize

Provide an objective summary of a text

Writing and Language:

Write an argument

Spell possessives correctly

Recognize and correct misplaced modifiers

Write a comparison-contrast essay

Write a summary

Correctly use present, past, and future verb tenses

Correctly use appositive phrases

Speaking and Listening:

Create a persuasive podcast

Participate in a panel discussion

Orientation to Teaching II

Introduction to Teaching

Foundations of Education

Philosophy of Education



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